Complex offer

isoTex company offers complex services in thermal insualtion domain: starting with measurements, throught individual design, production, ending with installation.

Our company's offer includes a wide range of thermal insulation products, which are used everywhere where high temperature occur, reducing flow and loss of heat.

Production includes insulation matterss used as thermal insulation for, inter alia:

-any types of engines,



-industrial installations,

-and armatures.

Let's cooperate!

Project development

We focus on final results and customer's satisfaction. Before the design phase, our technical consultant chooses optimal components and insulation thickness, basing on information obtained from customer. (e.g. temperature of insulated objects, target temperature after insulating, available space to apply an insulation). All of this together allows to achieve highest quality and most efficient insulaiton factors.

Order analysis

obtaining missing information from customer

Selection of components and determining the thickness of insulation

Designing and valuation

The basis of designing insulation is technical documentation delivered by customer. If customer doesn't have any documentation, all the measurements are taken by our proffessionals. Constuctor designing insulation is basing on a technical drawing and information obtained from customer by technical consultant. Most of the mattress are designed in 3D view, and then finished off in 2D view. Teplates prepared this way are heading straight to production department.


Production of high quality thermal insulation begins with delivering templates to production department. Material is being cut using modern cutter (cutting plotter). This allows us to optimize production and reduce waste. Then the fastenings are added (depending on customer's preferences, these could be, inter alia, hooks, Velcro, belts with buckles). Everything is sewn together and then stuffed. Then mattresses are finished off with sewing, and optionally quilted (to make sure nothing inside is shifting). The last phase of production is quality control and then shipment directly to customer.

Cutting out material

Adding fastenings (e.g. hooks)

Sewing the material

Stuffing the mattresses

Quilting (optional)

Quality ontrol

and shipping of mattresses


The installation of insulating mattresses is performed by our employees or directly by the customer. Thermal insulation of armatures (e.g. valves) is usually very easy to install. However, the installation of more complex devices (e.g. engines or turbines) requires a appropriately qualified and experienced team.


Cooperation with the best

With over twenty years of experience, we want to share knowledge and educate future generations. For several years, we have been successfully cooperating with universities (Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław University, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences) and secondary schools as part of student and student internships. The internship tutor and the entire staff make every effort to ensure that each trainee obtains knowledge at the highest level and adequate to the field of study. The best review of our activities is the constant cooperation with interns and their return to us, which provide our staff permanently. Welcome!

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