Properly selected technology allows to minimize heat loss and assure comfortable ambient temperature (temperature drop by even hundreds of degrees in relation to the surface of insulated object).

Correct installation of thermal insulation guarantees immediate heat energy savings, which directly affects on reducing operational costs and further return on investments cost.

Textile insulations

The shape, thickness of the mattress and type of used materials are influenced by temperature of the insulated object and target ambient temperature. However, safety and economy are equally important factors.


The outer cover of the mattresses also has essential impact on chemical and physical resistance, among others insulating, anti-corrosive and anti-noise properties. Depending on the specificity of the environment and individual customer needs, mattresses can be made of materials covered with, among others, silicone, teflon, aluminum foil, in any colors and configurations.

The inside matters the most

The heat exchange process is being controlled, among the others, by mineral wool (rock wool), ceramic wool or glass wool with appropriate heat conduction and heat transfer coefficient.


Depending on the customer's preferences, place and assembly specifications, mattresses can be fastened using metal hooks and wires or textile belts and Velcro.

Complex services

isoTex company offers complex services in thermal insulation domain: starting with measurements, throught individual design, production, ending with installation.


Individual design and material selection




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