25 years experience in thermal insulation production

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ISOTEX - insulation mattresses producer

25 years of experience

ISOTEX company has been formed in 1994. It specializes itself in insulation mattress production. We offer complex services in thermal insulation domain: starting with measurements, throught individual design, production, ending with installation.

Our company's offer includes a wide range of thermal insulation products, which are used everywhere where high temperature occur, reducing flow and loss of heat. Production includes insulation mattresses used as thermal insulation for, inter alia, any types of engines, machines, devices, industrial installations, turbines and armatures.

Every single order is treated individually, and adjusted for customer's requirements and needs. Shape, size thickness, mounting methods of any covers or insulation mattresses are chosen to match technical and construction data provided by customer and also his personal preferences, always with the highest standards of quality and safety.



Complex services:


-individual design

-selection of the right components



We offer:

-insulation mattresses for turbines

-insulation mattresses for industrial engines

-insulation mattresses for machines and devices

-insulation mattresses for installations and armatures

-fireproof insulation mattresses

-industrial filters

-any types of insulation reducing flow and loss of heat

Quality and Trust

Our products have been used for many years in Poland, Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and all across the world (e.g. USA, Israel, Egypt)

Energy turbine and heat pipeline insulation method based on production of reusable thermal insulation mattress makes it renewable, dry and eco-friendly technology.


Benefits of insulation mattresses usage

-safety- made of fireproof materials, they are protection form external factors (protection from burns)

-economy/ecology- correctly installed insulation affects on heat energy saving; They don't generate any extra operational costs or waste, like in case of traditional solutions (e.g. disposal of dismantled insulation- cover sheets). They are multiple use.

-flexibility- mattresses are flexible and perfectly adhere to insulated surface; Different ways of fastening (e.g. Velcro, hooks, belts) and selection of optimal thickness of insulation allow to apply them in hardly accessable places.

-efficiency- proper selection of materials provides optimal insulation; mattresses have the same insulation properties as traditional insulation.


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